Friday, May 17, 2013

Slings from Around the World - Russian Sling

The sling I made today was copied from another museum piece. Museum curators are not experts in every kind of exhibit, how could you be so there are not any details on the region or area in Russia or what materials were used but from the looks of it the pouch and finger loop are made of leather. The strings look to be made of twisted plant fiber and is fairly thin. Another feature of the Russian sling, at least from the few that I've seen is the release tab. For those who may not be familiar with the relase tab, the release tab is held between the fingers then let go upon release.

My reproduction sling is made from eight strands of twisted cotton with a leather finger loop and a tear drop shaped release tab. I have modified the pouch a little by adding a bridge at the center of the split pouch design to keep the stone from accidentally releasing out of the bottom of the pouch during the wind up.
I drew the design out on heavy paper and have included it so that it can be copied. The release tab was made from a piece of material cut out from the center of the pouch.
EDIT: With a little feedback and research this style of sling is from the Tunguska / Siberian region of Russia. 

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