Sunday, May 19, 2013

Chamorro Pottery - Attempt Two - Lime Impressed Plate

It has been a while since I've experimented with Chamorro pottery and it was actually making slingstones that got me interested. Truth be told, it wasn't just making slingstones that got me interested in pottery, it was also the lack of Chamorro potters. I asked some months ago and continue to ask, where is the next generation of Chamorro craftsmen and women? I probably wouldn't attempt to make my own pottery if I knew where I could just buy it.

If you go back to my November 18, 2012 posting of my second attempt at pottery, here is where I have raised the bar so-to-speak by producing a lime-impressed pottery piece.

I'm sticking with making plates for now because they're not difficult to make and don't take up a lot of time. I haven't worked out all the bugs with the impressions yet but I am quite pleased with the results so far.

With the extra clay I made a few sling stones and a number of pendants whose images were borrowed from cave drawings on Guam and Rota. I will keep a few and send the rest to my Che'lu Jose down at the Chamorro Village (The Che'lu Store).

Side note: We tried to get to Gadao's Cave last time we were home but was told that access to the caves was closed off to the public. The caves as I understand it belong to the people of Guam, but the access to the caves was through private property. If this is so, I hope the situation can be worked out. I would like to see some of these drawings in person before they are lost to the decay of time.

Attempt 3

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