Monday, March 18, 2013

Slings From Around The World - Balearic Islands of Spain

The Balearic Slinger

The sling has played a significant role in the history of the Balearic Islands of Spain. It would be impossible to discuss the history of slinging without including the history of the Balearic Islands and it is fitting to make reference to the Balearic slingers. It is interesting to me that the very word, “Balearic”, means, literally, “Master of Throwing”. Like the Chamorro warrior, the slingers from the Balearic Islands were introduced to the world of slinging at birth. Slinging is so en grained into the Balearic culture that they still have routine competitions today.

Like the slings of the Marianas, Balearic slings were made from local materials, primarily an Agave-type of plant similar to the Yucca of the American Southwest.

This sling was made from your garden variety of sisal and is reinforced at the pouch with leather. I used buckskin for this sling but any soft and strong leather, goat for example would work fine.

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