Sunday, March 3, 2013

Old Meets New for Today's Chamorro Warrior

Most of the slings I make are Chamorro with some other Pacific Islander slings sprinkled in. Occasionally I add embelishments or use different braiding techniques but by and large, if the pouch is not made with five strands of five cords a piece with a wrist anchor, it is something else.

Here I've created several different designs, all within the spirit of the original Chamorro sling, only adding individual style.

Keeping with this practice I've taken the original design, this one here with natural fibers in the original design, no additional weaving and made a modern version from 550 parachute cord.

Close up of the Chamorro 550 Warrior Sling.
I use a finger loop as my anchor when I sling but it seems that wrist anchors were often, if not exclusively used by Chamorro Slingers. Here is a how the wrist anchor is used. The loose end of the wrist loop comes down the center of the palm then between the fingers of the throwing hand. You can alter or change which fingers your anchor cord comes through.

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