Monday, October 8, 2012

Sling Stones

In the continued quest for recreating the Chamorro sling and stone, these clay stones have been created by following the design of my only Chamorro sling stone artifact and a decrerative sling stone made of blue coral purchased in the Chamorrow Village Market in Agana.

The black/white coloring on the practice stones makes them easier to see during flight and to find in the field afterwards.

The sling pictured here is a five strand jute sling with tapered cords.

EDIT: November 8, 2012
I just picked up my newest batch of clay slingstones from the pottery shop today.

The clay used for this batch was more dense than my first batch which gave a slightly heavier stone at a slightly smaller size. The stone on the right is from the first batch.


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  2. Nice work!

    Is the stone in the middle, the artifact sling stone? If not, can you post some pics of it?

  3. Thank you. The stone on the bottom left, not in the sling's pouch is the artifact stone. I believe it is crusted with coral. The stone directly above and in the middle is a reproduction stone I got from the Che'lu Store in the Chamorro Village on Guam. There is a link in the Points of Interest section of this blog.


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