Sunday, October 7, 2012

Acho' Atupat

A signature weapon of the Chamorro warrior besides the spear and machete-style club was the sling and slingstone, Acho' Atupat.

A warrior's sling were made of Pandanus or Coconut fiber and were so revered that they were passed from father to son or from mother to son through a brother or other close relative.

The stones were skillfully shaped, sharpened on both ends and usually made from either limestone, basalt or fire-hardened clay.

I have been working with Jute, Sisal, Coconut and Pandanus fibers to create replicas of these ancient weapons and try to maintain the spirit of the craft and skill. The style of these slings are consistent with artifacts and illustrations from various collections.

The preferred materials to make the slings are Pandanus and Coconut however these are in short supply here in the Rocky Mountains and so far away from home. Jute and Sisal make fine and functional reproductions.

These slings are for sale or trade here. You can also find these and other styles of slings at the Che'lu Store in the Chamorro Village on Guam. Ask for Jose and tell them his Che'lu George sent you.



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